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Soha to be questioned in Pataudi’s black buck shooting

Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, daughter of cricketer Mansur Ali Pataudi and actor Sharmila Tagore, is likely to face legal trouble for concealing facts when she renewed her gun licence here.

Gurgaon district authorities indicated Tuesday that they would issue a notice to Soha Ali Khan, demanding to know why legal action should not be taken against her for her violation of legal requirements while renewing the gun licence. She is also likely to be questioned, authorities here said.

Soha Ali has been accused of concealing the fact that her rifle was being used by her father, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, and that he used that weapon to kill a black buck in 2005.

“We would serve her (Soha Ali Khan) a show-cause notice and ask her to appear before the investigating teams over a period of two weeks,” Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Gupta said Tuesday.

The actress did not reveal crucial facts to the Gurgaon district administration while renewing the licence for the rifle that Pataudi allegedly used to kill a black buckin June 2005 in Jhajjar district of Haryana.

Soha’s rifle was among the firearms seized when Pataudi was caught by the Jhajjar police with a black buck carcass.